Evelyn Brooks presents The Nazca Jewelry Collection

Event Date: 
Tuesday, February 7, 2012 - 5:00pm to 7:30pm

Artfully Gifts & Chocolates and Evelyn Brooks Designs have partnered in Celebration of Valentine's Day to present the Nazca Jewelry Collection.

On Tuesday, February 7, customers can shop for chocolates and preview the Nasca Collection in time for Valentine's Day at Artfully Gifts and Chocolateslocated at 506 John Carlyle in Alexandria, Virginia.  The owners of the boutique had seen Brooks' work at a local art exhibition and immediately fell in love with her bold, exotic designs, and believed it would be a great addition to their Alexandria store.

This exclusive line of jewelry is an extension of Evelyn Brooks Designs' eco-chic collection. Inspired by the Nazca lines, which represented a celestial Inca calendar used for rituals related to astronomy, the Spring 2012 Nazca Collection evokes mystery and mythology. Legend has it that the Nazca lines were built by an ancient Peruvian civilization called Nazca, located in the south of Peru. 

The collection is hand-made with natural seeds of red, black, and hand-texturized sheets of silver. This new collection will feature necklaces, bracelets, and earrings for women. Prices range from $68 - $950.  

Evelyn's has received many award recognitions such as the Fashion Chamber Choice Award, Young Entrepreneur Award, and the Anna Maria Arias Memorial Business Funds Award 2010, Brooks is excited about the Nazca Collection, which she compares to her previous Moschik line. "I am making more outrageous designs" said Brooks.  "The red is an inspiration and goes with the celebration of Valentine's Day. My body of work is growing and you could see that in this new collection."

The Nasca collection is also available for purchase at The National Building Museum, The Textile Museum, and The Baltimore Museum of Arts.