Sweet Child of Mine

Written by Anita
August 15, 2009

With Julie and Julia going gangbusters at the box office, foodies everywhere have been seeking their own connection to the great Ms. Child. Alas, ours is with one degree of separation… As young academics, our good friends (now living in the DC-area) rented the upstairs apartment in Julia Child’s Cambridge home. They packed the apartment with books, notes, and journal articles, quickly filling the small space. Later that evening, after several failed attempts to light the kitchen’s stove, they called Julia upstairs for assistance. Spying a large file cabinet in the corner of the kitchen, Julia gushed, “How wonderful that you can keep all your recipes so handy!” Want to have your own Julia moment? Then hopefully you’ve already got your tickets to the now-sold out cocktail reception sponsored by the International Spy Museum at Zola Wine & Kitchen (and featured on GregsListDC!). Executive Chef Bryan Moscatello will demonstrate the preparation of Julia’s famous Coq au Vin while guests nibble on Julia Child-inspired fare. Award-winning actress Mary Ann Jung of History Alive also will be on hand to bring the Grande Dame of Cuisine to life. Missed the gravy boat? Then head to Inox Restaurant in Tysons Corner before August 31 for a special bar-only, three-course tasting menu of dishes from Julia Child’s groundbreaking 1961 cookbook, Mastering the Art of French Cooking. Executive chefs and co-owners Jon Mathieson and Jonathan Krinn will tantalize guests with some of Julia’s most beloved dishes, including her casserole-roasted chicken with tarragon and indulgent cherry clafouti. (Chef Mathieson has his own Julia connection, as he was a featured chef at her 90th birthday celebration.) Inox will even get you movie tickets at the AMC Theater in Tysons Corner Center if you’re interested in watching the film after your meal. How’s that for dinner and a movie?
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