Taking the Charity Fashion Plunge!

Written by Jamie
August 31, 2009

Last Sunday’s “Adult Swim,” the weekly Sunday pool party hosted by E.Lund Entertainment at The Liaison Hotel in Capitol Hill, took the already super sexy scene to a whole other level with the charity poolside fashion show, “Adult Swim: A Dare to be Fashionably Courageous,” benefiting Courage Cup. All proceeds from door donations went to the charity, which supports programs in the mid-Atlantic region that help disadvantaged urban youth like Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Washington and Work to Ride. Hosted by Andrea “Ask Miss A” Rodgers , Courage Cup’s President and CEO, and MC’ed by Paul Wharton, founder of Evolution Look and host of the CW’s "TrenDC", the show featured Wizard Girls and gorgeous models sporting beautifully chic swimwear by Sylene and jewelry by Mystique, including pieces by award-winning jewelry designer Alberto Parada. After the show, the party continued well until 10pm with plenty of eye candy to keep everyone (men AND women) entertained. Just your typical Sunday at the Liaison Hotel pool! Be sure not to miss what has been one of THE most memorable events of summer 2009 (and 2009 in general, in our opinion!) before it and summer (sniffles) come to a close! You can also catch Paul Wharton at the upcoming DC 50 Fashion Beauty and Lifestyle Expo in October at the Grand Hyatt.
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