1905- One Tasty Little Number

Written by Anita
March 20, 2009

Photo Credits: Dakota Fine

1905 is more than just an address—it feels a bit like you’ve stepped back in time as you enter the cozy, warm space with its eclectic décor (the benches are repurposed from the University of Maryland’s locker room), exposed brick, and speakeasy vibe. Absinthe fountains line the bar; lotus-shaped sconces deck the walls. Dinner here is all about comfort foods. Crawfish bisque with chives and Cajun spice is rich and creamy, but still delivers a satisfying kick. Pan-roasted shrimp with espelette tops buttery, coconut-y crab rice that is worth every single calorie. Perhaps not surprisingly, chef Jose Sanchez (formerly of Good Stuff Eatery) makes a mean burger—a thick and juicy Angus patty, topped with melted Gouda cheese and a sweet red onion marmalade. Just don’t forget to save room for the dark, moist chocolate brioche pudding with whisky sauce! Want to start your weekend early? Thursday nights here feature crispy fried chicken, absinthe, and live acid jazz starting at 10pm. Last weekend was 1905’s inaugural Sunday brunch, one that is certain to become popular with Saturday night revelers looking for a hangover-ridding meal. Creole Benedict is just what the doctor ordered: poached eggs over crispy Cajun fried rice cakes, drenched in a crawfish hollandaise. Need some hair of the dog? Order the French Blossom—a sweet refreshing mix of St. Germain, Pinot Grigio, and soda water. With fare like this, 1905 is certain to build a strong following. In fact, it’s currently in the running for the 2008 Best New Shaw Business. Already a fan?—you can cast your vote by e-mailing info@shawmainstreets.com (the winner will be announced on March 25).
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