George Foreman’s Butcher Shop: Meats that Pack a Punch

Written by Anita

August 16, 2015

Heavyweight champion and gold medalist George Foreman now is offering something perfect for grilling (on his eponymous grill or your own): premium artisanal meats, courtesy of George Foreman's Butcher Shop. We recently were invited to sample his Ultimate Variety Pack. Expertly packed in dry ice, it arrived in pristine condition right to our doorstep. It includes almost 11 pounds-worth of meats, poultry, and sausages (now that’s a heavyweight!), including rib eye steaks, a peppercorn-crusted tri-tip, burgers, chicken breasts and sausages, franks, pulled pork, and even a side of mac and cheese.

We started with the steaks—2 12 oz. USDA choice rib eye steaks, to be exact. This hand-trimmed Black Angus beef is sourced from animals that have raised without antibiotics or steroids. We let them bathe in a simple balsamic marinade (not needed, but oh so good!), then pan-seared them in a cast iron skillet following Alton Brown’s foolproof ribeye recipe. They came out tender and juicy, perfect for eating whole or slicing against the grain and draping over a green salad. Another evening’s round found us savoring the chicken breasts, 1.5 pounds of poultry, pre-marinated in a sweet roasted pineapple teriyaki glaze. They cooked up perfectly, and packed a zesty punch. The burgers, shaped from beef chuck brisket, are stuffed with bacon and cheddar—burger purists may object, but their uniquely bacon-y cheesy flavor was undeniable. Another contender? The chicken apple sausages, which melded sweet and savory flavors inside their plump little packages.

Short on time? Don’t throw in the towel--the BBQ pit-smoked pulled pork can be prepared in the microwave in only a few minutes and is perfect on a toasted bun, in a taco shell, or just on a dinner plate! And the bacon-wrapped skinless all-beef franks can easily be thrown on the grill for a quick summer meal.

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