Spring is “In High Demand”

Written by Jamie, Fashion/Style Editor

January 27, 2015

Oh, January in DC. The holiday “sparkle” is gone and we are left with freezing, gloomy weather that requires five layers of clothing for a walk to the grocery store. If you’re like me, you are looking for the next flight out to the Caribbean (or anywhere warm with a swim-up bar!) and counting the days until spring! To distract in the meantime and get style-prepped in time for the warmer temps, I spoke to Nikole Powers (pictured, top right), a Miami-based stylist, writer, and editor of the fashion blog, “In High Demand.”

As a fashion maven living in Miami’s year-round warm weather, some of Nikole‘s favorite looks include athletic-inspired wear, abstract prints, and wide leg pants. Yes, wide leg pants. As a fellow petite fashion lover (Nikole is 5’3”), I was intrigued, but see how she keeps it effortlessly chic with a cropped turtleneck and stacked heels! Nikole has a degree in fashion design from the Miami Art Institute and has worked for designers in Miami, as well as major retailers Bergdorf Goodman and Saks Fifth Avenue. The idea for In High Demand came while styling pieces for buyers, and she continues to be inspired by photography, new fashion trends, as well as era-inspired dressing (60s, 70s, and 90s are favorites).  Nikole is a frequent visitor to DC and is a fan of the Off the Record bar in the Hay Adams hotel (a personal favorite!). Read on (below) for more on my conversation with Nikole on spring trends and how to incorporate them into your wardrobe now and later!


Q: What are some spring trends that we should be looking forward to?

Nikole Powers: I’m really excited for midriffs because I’m more of a high neckline girl and it still allows me to show a little bit of skin and a little bit of sexiness. I’m really into dressing in all white, I know it was a taboo thing before, but I seriously have white shoes, white handbags. I’m in white jeans, white shirts, head-to-toe-white! I just think it’s a really great look and keeps you cool—especially here in Miami! 

I’m also excited about some of the jewelry coming out for spring that’s starting to catch on, like more body jewelry. I love hand charms and body chains. Also sneakers, I just bought a pair of Adidas Shell Toe, and wear them with everything I own. I'll wear them with a leather skirt and a sweater and it's perfect. I’ve literally been rocking them nonstop. I think sneakers are in, because you have to be comfortable to walk around and mini designer handbags! I’ve traded all of my big stuff and just carry these little handbags, just enough to carry my phone and my wallet!  I feel like when I have a small bag, I’m more mobile. I’m not carrying around a hair brush and, like 20 packs of gum, a lotion, and a granola bar! 

Q: For those living in cooler climates (like DC), what are some spring looks that we could incorporate into our wardrobes now?

NP: For transitioning into spring, I would say try styling dresses that have a heart-shaped neckline or tank top style, try pairing it with a sweater underneath, or a turtleneck. Even here in Miami, I’ve been pairing dresses with these tight-fitting turtlenecks underneath. I’m also into knee-high socks. If I’m wearing a skirt, I’ll pair it with knee or thigh-high socks.  I wear a lot of jackets sometimes as the base layer. So it’s just mixing and matching. I’ve also done a lot with my miniskirts. I’ll wear a tighter knee length pencil skirt and then pair it with a miniskirt over that. It just creates a cool look. I also put a lot of dresses over jeans. You want to be able to incorporate all the things you’re buying during the spring into your winter wardrobe and then back into spring. It’s about making your wardrobe as functional as possible.

Q: So, also in your blog, I see that you show a lot of athletic or sports inspired fashion?

NP: Absolutely. It’s a lot more acceptable to have a completely polished outfit on, say a leather skirt, a button-down shirt and throw on a really cute pair of sneakers! Also, a lot of designers are making really cute sports bras that look a bit in-between sports bras and crop tops. So you can use a sports bra as a cami and then throw on a shirt over that and then half button it. So it still looks like a sports bra but it looks very stylish and fun.  

Q: I’m also seeing a lot of denim overalls?

NP: Yeah! Overalls are so cute, and so fun for a weekend. Maybe you’re doing a staycation or just running around the city. They’re super easy, fun, and you can pair them with anything from turtlenecks to crop tops to sports bras to button-down shirts. You can also put a shirt on top of overalls, which makes it a whole other layer, so they’re really fun to play with.  

Q: Here is DC (like in many cities), we’re always looking for “safe for work” looks that are still stylish. How could we incorporate some of the spring trends into office wear? Day-to-night looks?

NP: I’m a big fan of leather pencil skirts, but you make them sophisticated with a beautiful turtlenecks. Also coming back is the mod look. Those girls were from the era of the working girl, so a lot of the pieces that are coming out are suitable to wear to the office. A lot of designers are coming out with suit sets that are modish and very trendy this year.

I went to fashion week for spring in September and everything was very mod. It made you very excited to wear the clothes; I get very excited about era dressing. Like black and white checked with daisies, really cute sashed waists. A lot of designers have moved away from belts for spring and are using sashes, silk ties around the waists rather than the big belts we’ve been seeing. 

For day to night, I’m a huge fan of leather and denim. I love dressing in dark pants with a silk blouse and a jean jacket. Also, leather paired with high necklines, knee-length miniskirts. Also, wide leg pants in black would be perfect for office and can transition to night. 

Q: Any other “must haves” for spring?

NP: I feel like "coolots" are a great style. Very day to night and are chic with heels. Also, different skirt lengths. The high-low length skirt will be coming back in spring, shorter in front and longer in the back. It’s a fun style to play with. You can wear it out and not look like you’re wearing a miniskirt!


­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­See more of Nikole’s spring style forecast in photos 2, 3, and 4.  For more of Nikole’s styling tips to get you through the winter (or take with you on vacation!), check out her blog, as well as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages.

(Note: Images courtesy of Blink PR)

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