Cheeky Tiki Monkey! Secret Monkey Social Club

January 3, 2016

Written by guest writer Eric Linderman

Photos by Ricardo D'Alessandro

Secret Monkey Social Club is the creation of Shayna Blass (a dancer, singer, and actress previously appearing in shows at the Forum Theatre) and Lukas B. Smith (currently of Dram & Grain and Jack Rose Dining Saloon and formerly beverage director of Daikaya) that started in an Ethiopian restaurant. Their aim is to pay homage to the cabarets of years past with a lounge environment featuring jazz and drinks. The most recent event took place on Monday, December 14 at Dolcezza Gelato Factory & Coffee Lab. Even with the odd summer-like weather and the pouring rain, a large crowd showed up thirsty for some summer-themed fun with tiki punches and summer surf rock music by The Three Monketeers.  The evening’s bartenders included Doug Atwell (Rye in Baltimore), Tyler Hudgens (The Dabney), Michael Vincent Barton (Jack Rose Dining Saloon), and more.  To add to the festivities and celebrate the unusually warm weather, a barbeque was thrown featuring slow grilled pulled pork sandwiches and signature coleslaw by Maria (general manager of Compass Rose).

Among the bartenders was Vance Henderson (you may remember him as the host of STK 2015’s unusual brunch).  Prior to the event's kickoff, Vance shared that Tiki Monday is always a good time and a great place for him to feature unusual drinks and provide a unique twist to the classics.

The Secret Monkey Social Club has begun to outgrow the size of its current venue and Lukas told us that they are considering finding a larger venue to host the growing and popular (not so) Secret Monkey Social Club events. Stay tuned to for more info on upcoming events!