Three Tastes = One Terrific Burger at Hard Rock Café

Written by guest writer Eric Linderman

Photos by guest photographer Ricardo D'Alessandro

March 13, 2016

What do you get when three distinctive flavors meld together? A mouthwatering taste explosion! We recently tried the limited-edition Guinness-Jameson-Bacon Burger (available now through April 10th) at DC’s Hard Rock Cafe.

The tasty combo consists of a half-pound Angus Beef patty topped with Jameson bacon jam, garlic aioli, and a rich Guinness stout cheese sauce.  Seasoned arugula and fresh tomato perfectly complement the trio. This exclusive partnership with Guinness pairs the burger with a Guinness draught, which offers a refreshing, lightly sweet, smooth coffee/chocolate taste. If a draught beer isn't to your liking, than an Irish Mule (it replaces the vodka with whiskey) works just as well, providing a sweeter, citrus taste.

As usual, the house fries can be ordered on the side with the option to “turn up the volume” a notch with multiple varieties.  Our favorite? The bacon fries with Jameson cheese sauce.  Not a meat lover? The Jameson cheese sauce also pairs well with a chicken sandwich!  Other options include chili fries with Chipotle garlic ketchup, Parmesan Romano fries with garlic aioli, and herb and garlic fries with Chimichurri mayonnaise.

This unique pairing matches not just the flavors of beef and Guinness, but the spirit of ingenuity and adventurousness that Hard Rock Cafe and Guinness both embody. The neon guitar that represents Hard Rock Cafe and the harp that symbolizes Guinness play together in perfect harmony.

Can't make time for this limited edition pairing? Don’t fret--Hard Rock Cafe will be offering a variety of burgers inspired by places around the world during its popular World Burger Tour in May.  


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